Rutgers Global–Study Abroad Staff

Our team helps to make global opportunities possible for all students. We assist students in the before, during, and after phases of their study abroad experience. Scroll down to read more about what our team is currently working on, where they have gone, and where they plan to visit next.

Dan Waite

Director of Rutgers Global–Study Abroad

Dan is currently working on a set of important new initiatives. He is really excited about several projects that will help increase access to global learning for student groups under-represented in study abroad; 1st generation students, DACA recipient students, and high financial need students. Dan’s hobbies include photography, playing Legos with his three children, surfing, and anything to do with the ocean. Dan studied in Antigua and Barbuda (his home), US, South Korea, and China. There are a hundred places he’d love to visit or re-visit, but the top of his list right now is Saudi Arabia to visit friends, Malaysia to see his sister, and Australia with his wife because that’s high on her list. 

Pictured here, Dan is at Favela da Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro.

Lauren Meregalli Ferrer

Associate Director within Rutgers Global–Study Abroad

Lauren oversees daily operation of the office, she manages study abroad policies and processes, supports program development, and leads an advising team in promoting study abroad opportunities. She also works closely with Rutgers faculty to design and deliver a growing portfolio of short-term programs. She is currently working in tandem with the entire RGSA office to create more accessible study abroad programs for students. Her hobbies include traveling, art, sports, and food. She studied abroad at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. In the future, she wants to visit Jordan and Egypt. 

Pictured here, Lauren is at the Salinas Grandes (the Great Salt Flats), which stretch over the Salta and Jujuy provinces in the northwest of Argentina.

Fang Du

Assistant Dean of Curriculum Integration

Fang works to integrate study abroad courses and credits fully into students’ majors, minors, core and other degree requirements. She is currently working on study abroad curriculum mapping for Rutgers majors and minors. Her hobbies include cooking, hiking, and traveling. Fang is originally from China and she studied abroad in the US at the University of Minnesota. She would like to travel to Bhutan and Switzerland.

Pictured here is Fang visiting Zhejiang University of China

Lauren Winogron

Program Manager for Semester and Year-long programs

Lauren manages semester partner relationships, she helps to connect exchange students and outbound Rutgers students, just to name a few. She is currently working to create re-entry/unpacking workshops for students. Some of her hobbies include Latin and Ballroom dancing, kayaking, painting, and crafts. She studied abroad in Banglore (Bengaluru), India. In the future, she would love to travel to Sri Lanka, Japan, or Mauritius to see some college friends and England, Argentina, and Egypt to visit some family. 

Pictured here Lauren is back in India working after she studied abroad in Bangalore (this was all thanks to the network that she built during her time abroad). She is sporting her “you look familiar” face, while visiting Mysore Palace.

Hiked up a small part of Table Top Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa during the study abroad program.

Kelly Andrade

Registration and Financial Coordinator

Kelly advises students (and parents/guardians) on the costs associated with study abroad. Her goal is to empower students to feel comfortable in knowing the full picture in terms of the costs and what their funding options are for the study experience. She provides individualized advising so that she can create a game plan for the student that works for them. She also makes sure that students are registered and billed properly through their Rutgers’ term bill. She is currently working with an intern on developing new ways to provide financial advising through different forms of media. Her main interests revolve around eating delicious food. She believes that you can learn a lot when you try a new dish or cuisine since food is closely linked to culture, customs, socioeconomic background, and history of people. Her personal goal is to visit a new state or country at least once a year because she wants to continue to challenge herself and to be uncomfortable (to experience cultural shock). She studied abroad at the Rutgers Bolivia summer program during her undergrad as well as the Rutgers Education, Culture & Change in South Africa as a grad student. In the future she wants to travel to New Zealand to learn more about the Maori culture. 

Pictured here, Kelly hiked up a small part of Table Top Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa during the study abroad program.

Christina Miles

Senior Marketing and Design Specialist

Christina works to promote study abroad to the Rutgers community through presentations, large-scale events, social media, and more. She is currently working on the study abroad program search and page designs for the website. Her hobbies include traveling, watching movies, and playing with her dog, Snoopy. She studied abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. In the future, she wants to travel everywhere, but if she were to pick one place it would be to go hiking in Patagonia. Patagonia is a region encompassing the vast southernmost tip of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile, with the Andes mountains as its dividing line. 

Pictured here is Christina and her husband in the Phi Phi Islands area of Thailand while on their honeymoon. They met studying abroad in Australia and have enjoyed travelling together ever since.

Vicki Dowling

Accounting Specialist in the Business Office of Study Abroad

Vicki supports all of our short term programs. She is currently working on a project to streamline the budget process and make project reconciliation easier. She is working with an Excel expert from the outside which has been a very educational experience. Vicki loves football, especially college football, and on Friday nights, she loves to go to her local high school football games and watch her husband coach. In the future, she wants to travel to Italy!

Pictured here, Vicki is with her husband in Liverpool.

James Agravante

Accounting Specialist, Supervisor – Business Office

James is currently working on process improvements, documents and simplifying semester programs reconciliation, improving budget planning and analysis, and creating pricing plans and strategies. James’ hobbies include playing basketball, video games, and trying/eating different cuisine. He earned his bachelors degree in accounting at Ateneo De Naga University – Philippines. In the future he wants to visit Nevada, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Singapore, Japan, and Italy.

Pictured here is James with his lovely wife Anna, in Taal Volcano in Batangas, Philippines.

Sheetal Parikh

Business Assistant

Sheetal works to prepare payment requisition for International Vendors for Study Abroad, she handles office and marketing expenses, she updates the expense report and travel orders for faculty, she does bank reconciliation of the International Account, as well as helps other staff with various projects. Her hobbies include yoga, meditation, and traveling. She completed her K-12 studies in India. In the future, she wants to visit all seven wonders of the world with her family.

Pictured here is Sheetal in Chichen itza, Mexico with her family.

Lauren Williams

Administrative Assistant

Lauren manages the work-study students, she provides information to visitors in the office, and manages the building. Lauren is currently working to go through old photos, brochures, newspaper stories, and letters from study abroad students (some from the 70s!) to keep a digital record of the items and to be able to share them publicly. Lauren studied abroad at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Italy. She would like to travel next to England.

Pictured here, Lauren is in Palestrina during her Fall semester abroad.

Rocio Ruiz

Program Manager for Faculty-led and Short-term programs

Rocio works with professors who are leading a group abroad as part of a faculty led program. She also helps students find short-term study abroad programs, internships, or service learning options during the summer. She wants to work on creating more programs for students in STEM fields. Rocio is very passionate about women’s rights. While getting her undergraduate degree in Spain at Universidad de Cadiz (her hometown) she studied abroad at KU Leuven in Belgium for a year. In the future she wants to travel to Japan.

Pictured here, Rocio is in Tangier, Morocco when she lived in the south of Spain. Sometimes she could see Morocco from the beach and one weekend she finally had the chance to take the ferry to crossover.

Patty Welsh

Program Coordinator for Semester-long programs

Patty helps advise students on the opportunity to study abroad and assist them through the application process. Patty’s hobbies include running, fitness, family, and traveling. She wants to travel anywhere that she is given the opportunity.

Abby Hellauer Geiger

Application Coordinator

Abby assists all students during the application phase. She coordinates the submission of materials and answers general questions from students. Throughout the semester, she runs different campaigns to encourage students to apply and/or finish their application. Abby is also the supervisor of the Peer Advisor program; she is responsible for keeping that team frosty! She also works closely with the Associate Director, Lauren Meregalli Ferrer, on supporting the exchange students. Acting as their student life coordinator, she is responsible for their housing and res life concerns, collecting academic resources and connecting students to the appropriate support services. She is currently working to update Terra Dotta. Abby’s hobbies include calligraphy and floral design. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy and worked their after graduation. Next, she wants to visit a friend who is studying in Sweden. 

Pictured here is Abby waiting for Badu Gili, a light display of aboriginal folk stories and art, on the wings of the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Lloyd Pearson V

Program Coordinator and Advisor for Short-term programs

Lloyd works closely with various faculty and departments at Rutgers on short term and faculty led programs as well as to assist with advising students on their study abroad journey. He is currently working to update and add program pages for our revamped study abroad website. His hobbies include playing tennis, traveling, and watching movies. Lloyd studied abroad in Rome, Italy at John Cabot as well as in Paris, France at the University of Paris. In the future he wants to travel to Sweden and Japan. 

Pictured here is Lloyd in Trocadéro, Paris, a popular area of Paris across from the Seine and very close to the Eiffel Tower.

Kerri Anderson

Senior Peer Advisor

Kerri helps to advise students during walk-in advising on study abroad programs, life abroad, and general questions. Last semester, she launched the RGSA blog site, Confession from (Study) Abroad. She is the editor and helps come up with content for the postings. She assists Abby with projects and updating materials for the Peer Advisor team. Kerri studied abroad at International Studies Institute in Florence, Italy. Her hobbies include working out and traveling when she has time. Next, she wants to travel to Greece.

Pictured here is Kerri in the Tuscan Hills during a moped tour.

Eleena Volk

Peer Advisor

Eleena helps to advise students on study abroad programs, the application process, on course equivalencies, and on life abroad. She also helps with events, marketing initiatives, and general work around the office. Along with Divya, she is currently working to revamp the Pre-Departure Orientation as well as making informational materials. Her hobbies include exploring new places, cooking, reading, and journaling. She spends her days with family and friends, her dog, and binge-watching reality TV. Next, she would like to travel to Greece.

Pictured here is Eleena in one of her favorite places, the Amalfi Coast. She’s counting down the days until she can go back!

Sarah Pomeranz

Peer Advisor

Sarah helps to advise students on how to best succeed with their study abroad journey. She is currently working on Pop-Up Advising Sessions. Her hobbies include stand-up comedy and politics. She studied abroad in Florence, Italy at Florence University of the Arts. She wants to travel to South Africa next.

Pictured here is Sarah in Masada, Israel at sunrise.

Divya Chandorkar

Peer Advisor

Divya helps to advise students on study abroad programs, the application process, on course equivalencies, and on life abroad. She also helps with events, marketing initiatives, and general work around the office. She is currently working with Eleena to revamp the Pre-Departure Orienation as well as making informational materials. Her hobbies include learning new languages, at school and in her free time. She currently speaks French and she is learning Arabic and Italian. Divya studied abroad in Menton, France (on the Cote d’Azur). In the future she would love to travel to the Middle East, specifically Lebanon and Jordan.

Pictured here is Divya in Berlin, Germany during her semester abroad.

Will Donnelly

Peer Advisor

Will works to help students with whatever questions they have regarding study abroad during walk-in hours. He answers all types of questions, from specific questions, to questions about programs and scholarships, to questions about what program is best for a student or how they can make study abroad fit into their schedule and budget. He’s currently working to write a guide to Beijing that discusses how to get around the city and cool (and not-so-cool) places to see while you’re there, for the study abroad blog. In Will’s free time he debates for the Rutgers debate team, plays bass guitar, and knits scarves. He studied abroad at Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing and in the future he was to travel to Xi’An, one of the oldest cities in China.

Pictured here is Will in Jingshan Park, which overlooks the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

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