How Study Abroad is Advancing Your Career

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when considering study abroad is the “opportunity cost.” In economics, the “opportunity cost” represents what you miss by choosing one alternative over the other. If this is during the regular academic year (i.e. the fall and spring semesters), this means thinking about what club activities you might … Continue reading How Study Abroad is Advancing Your Career

Welcome Abroad


Ciao! Bonjour! Hola! Ahoj! Kamusta! Hallo! γεια  σας! שלום! नमस्ते! こんにちは! 여보세요! Salve! Olá! Hej! Dzień Dobry! Xin Chào! Hello! Language can take you far, but study abroad can take you farther. This blog is created and maintained by past, present, and future Rutgers Global–Study Abroad students. Follow us to see where we have gone, … Continue reading Welcome Abroad