The Charms of a Small French Town: A Photo Story

Pour moi cette photo représente les contrastes et les couleurs de Menton que je vais me souvenir toujours. To me, this photo represents the contrasts and the colors of Menton that I will always remember. For example: The ripples of the water and the ridges of the roof. Or the yellow of the buildings and … Continue reading The Charms of a Small French Town: A Photo Story

Rome Underground

A (sort of) Local's Guide to the City's Hidden Gems What do you envision when you think of Rome? Perhaps the grand ruins of the Colosseum, or the whimsical beauty of the Trevi Fountain? Maybe you think of the bustling street vendors and performers, or the smell of fresh pizza wafting through the air. Whatever … Continue reading Rome Underground

Welcome Abroad


Ciao! Bonjour! Hola! Ahoj! Kamusta! Hallo! γεια  σας! שלום! नमस्ते! こんにちは! 여보세요! Salve! Olá! Hej! Dzień Dobry! Xin Chào! Hello! Language can take you far, but study abroad can take you farther. This blog is created and maintained by past, present, and future Rutgers Global–Study Abroad students. Follow us to see where we have gone, … Continue reading Welcome Abroad